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Atlanta-based credit monitoring company Equifax has been involved in a cyber-attack that left 143 million American consumers in jeopardy. Hackers were able to access sensitive information such as consumers’ names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, and driver’s license numbers.

As stated in an article by the New York Times:

Criminals gained access to certain files in the company’s system from mid-May to July by exploiting a weak point in website software, according to an investigation by Equifax and security consultants. The company said that it discovered the intrusion on July 29 and has since found no evidence of unauthorized activity on its main consumer or commercial credit reporting databases.

According to the news agency KOB, this could be the largest breach incident of Social Security numbers in the US. This can be used to identify a person’s full identity either for good or malicious purposes.

Equifax has since launched a website,, to help consumers identify the impact of the incident and to have them sign up for credit file monitoring and identity theft protection.

You can read further about the announcement here.

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